domingo, 6 de outubro de 2013

postheadericon MIDWAY BACK (ode)


'Twas owl-light. He did decide
to return, went on to pray,
but could not find where to abide
on the way.

Now the old known road was strange.
Once so colourful, now grey.
How did come so fearsome change
in a day?

Once so colourful, now rack.
Full of angels, now dismay.
Would it lead him all way back
or astray?

In the middle he found hope,
when he heard a yell to say
something great and it was "Go!"
Would he stay?

He lacked answers and their lack
he deplored but threw away.
Midway forward, midway back,
that's midway.

He was lone, but not alone.
He saw lots of eyes at bay.
Some eyes would just sway his bone,
some allay.

For that lone one it was cold.
Almost blind, but still not prey.
He could still hear chants of old.
'Twas Lord's Day.

(G. M. Brasilino)

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